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M7S4 Proyecto Integrador: I will / I going to

Proyecto integrador: I Will / I going to
Alumno: Elber González López
Facilitadora: Joana Patricia Bobadilla Arroyo
Grupo: M07C4G7-666
Modulo 7 semana 4

¿Qué producto entregarás?
Un documento en Word en el que des respuesta a cada una las preguntas que se plantean, utilizando las nociones gramaticales y vocabulario de la unidad, e incluyas la liga del audio en el que leas en voz alta tus respuestas.

¿Qué hacer?
1. En un archivo Word, copia las siguientes preguntas y deja un espacio para las respuestas:

1) What are your personal goals?
1. I have several personal goals, of which I will mention two below: The first one is related to finishing my school or the online preparation, since this goal depends on the following.
2. And the number two is to be able to fix my old car from everything to everything, from the engine to the paint and the interiors, since lately I have struggled too much with public transportation.

2) What are your future plans about your studies?
1. As I said before, I need my certificate to be able to continue my studies, either at the higher level, or as a training in the areas I manage, since in this way I hope to be able to climb in my work and gain better.
2. Probably by certifying me, seek to help other people like me, and decide to participate in the sep platform, but on this occasion I will do it as a facilitator, until I can become a tutor.

3) What are you going to do to be healthier?
1. One of the things I do to stay healthy, is and will continue to walk in the afternoon, as this activity will help me in the future to preserve my physical health, in addition to relaxing and making me feel very good.
2. In addition we try in the house to eat in a balanced way, to our hours and without excesses, we have been replacing a little the fats, the sugars and the portions, for the exercise that we do complement it.

4) Write one goal you wish to achieve in the next five years. 
1. Another of my goals is to finish paying my house and also start building both fences and rooms and that way to have a place and my own business. I will start saving money next year, in the short future.
2. Continuing with my goals the completion of the following five years, a bigger house, a fully functional car and my business of repairing computer equipment and comprehensive data, try to remain healthy.

5) What will you do to achieve that goal?
1. In order to achieve my goals, it is essential that I follow my guides, my times and my participation in the forum so that in this way the learning curve can be carried out to help us develop our abilities and conclude with my goals.

I'm going to walk more, I'm going to learn new things and I'm going to teach seniors.

2. Lee las preguntas con atención. SI tienes alguna duda sobre palaras y/o preguntas, no dudes buscarlas o consultar con tu facilitador.  

3. Estructura tus respuestas, organiza tus ideas y escríbelas, utilizando las nociones gramaticales y vocabulario de la unidad.
Al usar “will”, te aconsejamos utilizar las frases que indican futuro incierto:

- I think… (Yo creo)
- I guess… (Yo supongo)
- I suppose… (Yo supongo)

4. Escribe tus respuestas para cada pregunta, una vez que estés seguro de que son correctas, graba un audio en el que, primeramente, digas tu nombre con tu primer apellido y después, la lectura en voz alta de cada pregunta con tus respuestas; antes de leer cada una, indica el número de pregunta para identificarlas, por ejemplo:

My name is Rosaura Gómez
Question number one…
Question number two…, etc…

5. Sube tu audio a un Drive o Dropbox y copia el enlace, posteriormente, pégalo en tu documento Word, debajo de las preguntas con tus respuestas.

6. Una vez que tengas en tu archivo Word las preguntas con respuesta y la liga de tu audio, guárdalo con el nombre:

Link del Audio: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0gqygemge2a410t/Proyecto%20Integrador_AUDIO.wma?dl=0

M7S3 Actividad Integradora: Tell me about him / her

Actividad integradora: Tell me about him / her
Alumno: Elber González López
Facilitadora: Joana Patricia Bobadilla Arroyo
Grupo: M07C4G7-666
Modulo 7 semana 3

When a bee spoils my family vacation
Long time ago, to be precise in my puberty, look forward to the summer holidays, as our parents had promised a great trip to the beach.
It was in this way that as of New Year my parents began to save money in order to go on a flight to Cancun, but this time we would go to each and every member of our family, my three brothers, my sister, two Cousins, my aunt and uncle, my grandfather and even a couple of good neighbors.

Why all the hubbub?
This because my sister would turn fifteen years and not celebrate with a party, decided to take her to the beach to enjoy a well deserved vacation, which my father assured him would not forget.
Upon arriving at the hotel and resting the first day, we realized how magnificent it would be to spend all the 10 days that contemplated our agenda in this place of dreams.

What happened then?
The morning after our arrival, my sister and my mother decided to have lunch at the pool, after having done a little exercise, for my sister's bad luck who chose hot cakes and fruit salad with maple syrup, which a delight of sweetness that, without asking for it, attracted a swarm of bees that lived somewhere near the garden and left before such a delicacy, in a brief moment the sting of one of them pointed on the ear of my sister, who received the tremendous and painful picket, that made that we had to cancel all activity once she was found to be allergic to bee venom.
All this made my parents have to intern my sister in the clinic and in this way spent the money in their recovery and cancel the much desired and magical vacation.    

M7S3 Actividad Integradora: What happened?

Actividad integradora: What happened?
Alumno: Elber González López
Facilitadora: Joana Patricia Bobadilla Arroyo
Grupo: M07C4G7-666
Modulo 7 semana 3

M7S2 Actividad Integradora: How was it?

Actividad integradora: How was it?
Alumno: Elber González López
Facilitadora: Joana Patricia Bobadilla Arroyo
Grupo: M07C4G7-666
Modulo 7 semana 2

¿Qué producto entregarás?

Un archivo de Word en el que escribas 10 preguntas que te permitan conocer a detalle 2 hechos históricos ocurridos en México. Debes formular 5 preguntas diferentes para cada uno de los hechos que selecciones.

¿Qué hacer?

1. Selecciona 2 hechos históricos que haya ocurrido en México. Considera que sea un acontecimiento conocido por diferentes personas y que sea relevante para todos. Por ejemplo: Día de la Independencia, Revolución Mexicana, etc.

2. En un archivo de Word, pon el título: How was it? Después, escribe el nombre del primer hecho y enseguida, formula en inglés, 5 preguntas que te permitan conocerlo a detalle (quiénes participaron, en dónde ocurrió, cuáles fueron sus causas, etc.). Realiza lo mismo con el segundo hecho, recuerda que las preguntas deben ser diferentes a las 5 del anterior.

Por ejemploHow was it?

Hechos de la revolución mexicana

1. Which were the most important characters of the Mexican revolution?
2. Where Francisco Villa and Emiliano Zapata were born.
3. What means of transport used to move across the country?
4. How time exactly did this movement?
5. How many armies were fighting?

Hechos de la Independencia de México

1. When did this fight begin?
2. How long did the war of independence last?
3. Who were your biggest representatives?
4. In what cities and in what years was the war developed?
5. What did all this fight help?

3. Verifica que la estructura y ortografía de tus preguntas sean correctas y guarda tu archivo con el nombre:

4. Sube tu archivo a la plataforma para que tu facilitador pueda evaluarte.

M7S2 Actividad Integradora: Tell me

Actividad integradora: Tell Me
Alumno: Elber González López
Facilitadora: Joana Patricia Bobadilla Arroyo
Grupo: M07C4G7-666
Modulo 7 semana 2

¿Qué hacer?
1. Elabora un listado de 5 preguntas que te permita obtener información sobre la experiencia de otras personas en la celebración del día de muertos (cómo lo festejaban antes, qué actividades realizaban, quiénes participaban, etc.).

Para elaborar las preguntas toma en cuenta lo siguiente:

2. Selecciona a una persona y pregúntale tus 5 cuestiones para que obtengas la respuesta.

3. En un archivo de Word, escribe las 5 preguntas con su respectiva respuesta.

Por ejemplo: 1. Question: Did your family celebrate this day, when you were young?

Answer: Yes, we did. We used to put a dead altar.

4. Sube tu archivo con el siguiente nombre:


What impressed you the most?
What impressed me most was the coloring, and the symbolism of the dead and the eternal party.

In what year did you discover Halloween?

When I was in kindergarten, exactly in 1978 And we know it as the day of the dead.
What was this celebration about?
It consists of putting an altar with photographs, sweets, flowers, bread and dishes that would please the deceased in life.

What other special memories did you have?
I remember they also prayed, sang and danced in the court of the church, near the cemetery and many flowers.

What was the most fun, and say something that has changed to today?
Not much has changed, perhaps mixed cultures a bit, but anyway is very Mexican.

M7S1 Actividad Integradora:Nowadays

Actividad integradora: Nowadays
Alumno: Elber González López
Facilitadora: Joana Patricia Bobadilla Arroyo
Grupo: M07C4G7-666
Modulo 7 semana 1

¿Qué producto entregarás?
En esta actividad elaborarás un documento Word, en el que escribirás, en idioma inglés, 10 acciones que realices comúnmente, 5 de ellas deberán ser en tiempo Presente simple y 5 en Presente progresivo, para ello deberás hacer uso del vocabulario revisado en esta unidad.

¿Qué hacer?
1. En un archivo de Word, elabora una tabla en la que integres cinco oraciones en Presente Simple y cinco en Presente Continuo. Al redactar tus oraciones cuida que sea fácil distinguir las acciones que realizas diariamente; y aquellas que estás realizando en ese momento.
Simple Present
Simple Present

Present Progressive
1.- I read a novel book in the classroom.

1.-Now, I'm reading the newspaper in my bedroom.
2.-I  drink orange juice every mourning

2.-Now, I'm drinking some beer in the bar.
3.-I work hard this week in that project.

3.-Now, I'm resting in my favorite red sofa.
4.-I walk to the school and job every day.

4.-Now, I'm walking with my dog around the park.
5.-I listen the radio in the bus.

5.-Now, I'm listening podcast in the internet.

2. Verifica que tus oraciones estén escritas correctamente y guarda tu archivo con el siguiente nombre:
Gonzalez _Lopez _Elber_ M7S1_nowadays

M7S1 Actividad Integradora: Long Time Ago

Actividad integradora: Long Time Ago
Alumno: Elber González López
Facilitadora: Joana Patricia Bobadilla Arroyo
Grupo: M07C4G7-666
Modulo 7 semana 1

¿Qué producto entregarás?
Un archivo de Word en el que elabores una tabla en la que compares cómo se hacía algo en el pasado y cómo se hace ahora, debes utilizar: Used to, was/were, verbos regulares e irregulares, así como ilustrar con imágenes lo que escribas.

¿Qué hacer?
1. Elabora una tabla en la que redactes 8 frases en pasado:

*2 en las que utilices verbos regulares.
*2 en las que utilices verbos irregulares..
*2 en las que utilices used to.
*2 en las que utilices was/were.

2. En comparativo las frases en pasado, escribe 8 frases en presente, para que se identifique cómo se hacía algo antes y cómo se hace ahora.

3. Incorpora una imagen en cada una de tus oraciones, cuidando el peso de tu archivo para que lo puedas enviar sin problema.


Used to

1.-I  used to play guitar in a rock band

2.-I used to watch a movies in VHS format.

1.-Now, I play musical videogames.

2.-Now, I watch videos in 4k format.


1.-She was in Spain the last college's year.

2.-We were in the sport center.

1.- Today, she works in Ontario, Canada.

2.-Now, we're in the supermarket.

Verbos Regulares

1.-I cleaned my bedroom yesterday.

2.-I asked for a new job in the computer store.

1.-Now, I clean the bathroom and the car.

2.-I ask for a price to the new bike.

Verbos Irregulares

1.- We drew a many cartoons in the walls.

2.-They drank a lot a coffee in the funeral.

1.-I draw a big red heart in the ceiling's room.

2.- They drinking some wine for a friend's birthday.

En los ejemplos, las imágenes son viñetas del programa de Word, puedes seleccionar: “Definir nueva viñeta”, luego “Símbolos” y buscar en la tipología de “Webdings”. La ventaja es que pesan lo de una letra y puedes colorearlas y hacerlas grandes o pequeñas.
*Fotos tomadas del buscador Google
4. Sube tu archivo con el siguiente nombre: